Top most worth looking email ideas


You realized email marketing is working but you are too busy to come up with new ideas for your email promotions.

Email marketing is tricky marketing and just sending emails is not enough, you need to come up with something interesting and appealing to the readers, Readers are looking for something worth reading , something that can benefit them.

You need to question yourself to get impressive and appealing ideas…..We are giving you few questions just to think about and open your mind…..

Why there are so many visitors on entertainment websites?

Why so many people are using websites like facebook, twitter and snapchat etc?

Why people use facebook for day long?

Why so many people are watching youtube videos every day?

Why news blogs are getting so many readers?

Why should people come to your website?

Why they should read your emails?

Did you get answers of the above given questions?

Think for a moment……….

People always look for the platform that gives them importance—-

They post photos on facebook or twitter or any social media website just to get likes and comments

The more people appreciate them by likes and comments the more they feel happy and important——

This is just one example to show what people want—-

They are not interested in your website, business, blog, youtube channel or anything you are producing, what they only care about is what they think is good for them.

So try to read people’s mind by looking around the world, give them something they value and send them something they want to read——

We are going to share with you some ideas to give you enough understanding to make your emails more valuable and appealing——————

1. Welcome Email

This sort of email is very common and lots of people know that but it’s also the most important one, so I didn’t want to exclude it from the list.

Welcome email is an email that you send to your newly subscribers to give them a big thanks—-

But here is the way to make it more interesting:

I’ve seen lots of people missing the point when they send welcome emails; welcome emails are not just thanks giving emails, Instead welcome emails are the opportunity to tell your subscribers what you have for them…

So must mention your best deals, free trails, free e-books or whatever you have for them as a thanks giving gift, just feel free to offer them, this is your best chance to do that…..

2. Breaking news and proofs

Feel free to email about your successful deals as breaking news and be proud to share the best reviews you got from the users. That will leave a big impact on your new subscribers and they will start trusting you…

Also show your new and amazing products as breaking news and talk about trends and lots of other things to support your products and broadcast them as some kind of a brand.

3.Best of

Choose your best products, videos, articles or anything you have and showcase them in a beautiful email, it can be best of your website or just best of a category —-

For example: best of beauty products , best of best, best of the week, best of the month, best of the year etc

4. on Sale

Almost every business company offers products on sale to get people’s attention, online business works the same so whenever you have these kind of offers, email to your subscribers and give them a reminder people love to have a look on unusual bargaining ……

5. Social media Invitation

Social media invitation is a way to make sure your company works out of the box and there are no restrictions to be in contact with you….

It gives the subscribers sure short that you are everywhere and social media is the place they can find you all the time…….

Feel free to inform them that they are going to get all the information about latest products, on sale products, free services and everything that are going to offer will be there on social media—

6. Top sellers/Top selling products/Top trends

Inform your subscribers about your top sellers, top selling products or if you have a blogging website then top contributors or even top readers.

Highlight your most successful contributors and best selling products, not only highlight then make an attractive show case for them and spread your emails to the subscribers—-

7. Special offers

Special festivals like independence day, woman day, valentine day, new years day or any other special day is every important to mention.

Offer something very special and announce your limited offer to your subscribers.

8.Free shipping

Free shipping is another important method to attract the subscribers , I’ve seen many of the successful online business websites offering free shipping to their customers, although they raise the price when they offer free shipping but that’s another topic, Our focus should be on free shipping and how important it is.

Tell your subscribers that you are offering free shipping for limited days….


Many companies host lots of surveys to get their user’s and customer’s feedbacks about their products and their company or website.

Some also do the surveys to know peoples likes, dislikes and recent trends that are the best way to improve the product quality and to know what people are looking for these days….

So do the surveys and ask you subscribers to share this as well and at end offer a prize for them, they would love to do that…..

10. Thank the customers

Don’t confuse this category with the first one , this thanks giving message is to the customers, those who buy your products you should send them a thank you email to make sure you are there and you are noticing them.

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