Top 9 worst email marketing methods


We have been talking about good email marketing ideas, methods and techniques since now, but there are some bad practices to mention that will damage your online business.

Those week techniques and methods are very commonly adopted by most of the small business holders, but those methods don’t actually bring people to your website because those are either outdated or non effective ways to attract the readers.

  1. Not using call to action

    Call to action (CTA) obtains people’s attention and if you are not using it you are missing a huge part of email marketing.

    Call to action normally used as big bullets or clickable buttons to grab subscriber’s attention, “BUY NOW”, “Pay later”, “Buy it today” and “Free shipping” are some examples.

    Call to action increases click ratio by more than 300 percent, and may bring more than 1500 percent sales to your business. This hard to ignore method can do wonders to your business, so make habit to add call to action in your emails.

  2. Sending irrelevant content

    If you think writing a single email to all of the subscribers you have then believe me you are insane, you should know your target readers….If you are selling jewelry to one who is looking forward to buy some clothes, do you think it will make sense to him?—- well emails work the same way—-

    So know your readers and send them what they want, not what you want———–

    3. Sending long subject lines

    Optimizing the subject lines is very important; according to the recent surveys the emails containing short and to the point subject lines get more attention than the long subject line emails.

    So optimize your subject lines and make them easy to read and more attractive.

    4. You don’t personalize your emails

    This is really an unprofessional and lazy approach if you don’t personalize your emails.

    Give your subscribers a collection of choices and once they chose their category further ask them to choose the subcategories, be specific, be more specific when you decide sending emails.

    Non personalized emails are always irritating and more likely to be considered as irrelevant to the subscribers.

5. Wrong timing

If you are sending emails to your subscribers at the wrong time then you are going to get any attention from them, because they get lots of lots emails in a day and if you send them emails while their work time or when they are not using their email id’s you are not going to get their attention because your email is not there at the top—– Scientifically saying people use their email id’s around 10 to 11 AM—–

6. Non mobile friendly emails

If your emails templates are only made for desktop or emails you are sending are not mobile friendly then they are missing 69% chances of being opened.

Yes—-! A recent survey about emails explains that 69% emails are opened in mobile phones, So try creating mobile friendly email so that you fill the gap by 68%—-

7. Adding too many images

Text only emails have a least number of chances to be opened, but what about image only images? —–

Well logically they are both same if you put them more than needed—-

You should have a nice contraction between images and text, don’t put too much images and text as well….!

8. No originality

Some people try to make their emails so beautiful by copying others that they forget about their own style, they can’t make their own brad that creates lack of trust among the subscribers, so don’t exaggerate the beauty so much that you can’t even tell the subscriber what’s your brand’s style , you should have specific style of emails that will differentiate from others—-!

Don’t just copy others….!

9. Too long content

Using too long content in your emails is a bad practice, don’t every do that and don’t ever try to explain too much about you and your company…

Too much content always gives bored kind of feeling so the subscriber would like to open it up get bored—–

Always try to write to the point ——

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