Top 6 Email Marketing Software’s for Small Business


Do you have a small online business and you want to take it to the next level?

Do you know email marketing will help you getting your goals done?

Do you know Email marketing software will get your job done with little or almost no efforts?

Well, you might not say yes to all of the above questions but you have a small business and that’s why you are here. But the problem is you cannot afford the paid software’s.


If that is the case then we are going to introduce you a list of either free or affordable software’s that will amazingly help you building your small business. All the software’s given below are user friendly and they either offer you a free package or an affordable package suitable for your small business.

So let’s begin our journey to the successful small business.


Benchmark is a simple email marketing software and provides you eye catching creative design, Moreover it gives you customizable templates that lessen your efforts and saves your time in a large amount.

Benchmark is User-friendly with clean templates, it also provides you video email facility so that you can send video emails if needed.

It gives you life time free plan for up to 2000 subscribers and 14,000 emails a month.

It gives you two different paid packages which are “send based” and “list based”. Send based starts at $9.95/month and list based starts at $11.95/month.

Drawbacks: Benchmark provides you unlimited contacts but
they have to come from your Benchmark subscriber sign-up form, not uploaded from your CRM or other sources.


Mautic is an open source email marketing software, its marketing system is 100% customizable for your particular needs and solutions. It is downloadable software and you can directly download it from their website for free.
Mautic’s marketing automation system is 100% customizable for your particular needs and situations. You can download it straight from their website and get started right away.

It gives you cool features like monitor leads, create email and build lists, landing pages, leading nurturing and reports. Moreover they have a supporting community available 24/7 and you can discuss any relating issue over there and they will help you out.

Drawbacks: Only drawback what I feel Mautic has that it is little bit hard to use for the beginners.

3. MailChimp

MailChimp is probably the most widely-used email marketing system for small-businesses, It gives you huge integration list including WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Magento, Drupal, Google Analytics and many more.

It gives you nice analytics with easy to read graph reports and shows you comparisons of your email performance compared with other others in your industry.

Talking about price and plans MailChimp gives a lifelong free plan for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. And its paid plan starts at $20/month for unlimited email.


Just like other email marketing software’s MailChimp also some drawbacks and biggest drawback among all is that the free version does not have some of the features that paid version has including auto-responders, span filter diagnostics, email client testing and some more, so if you want to get 100% benefit out of MailChimp then you have to go for the paid version.


Campayn  can import your contacts from a variety of apps including your Gmail and Yahoo! Mail address books and keep up with all of their information just like a real address book, including their social media profiles.

Sending emails becomes simple with Campayn because of its premade templates. It has a nice editor by which you can edit the premade templates and make your email as you want. Moreover you can add more fields, if you want to add more details like your phone number or your email details and it will add them nicely for you.

Campayn is strong solution for beginners with very competitive pricing.

It also has free plan with 20,000 emails up to 500 subscribers. However its paid plan starts at $20/month with unlimited emails up to 1000 subscribers.


Campayn can be little bit pricey if you want to buy the paid version and you also need to pay if you want to have more than one user. A plan for 10,000 subscribers with three users will cost you $79/month.

5.Mad Mimi

Most interesting feature this software has is that it comes with user friendly default layout that only concentrates on email and rest of the features depends on the user whether he wants to turn them on or off.

When you create a new email you’ll see a simplified editing page with themes based on color schemes and content blocks that’ll look great on any device. Moreover you can decide who and who not will receive your emails every time you create one. Because sometimes you don’t have enough emails left and you want to send some emails to the selected users, with Mad Mimi you can do this easily.

Mad Mimi comes with free plan for sending 12,500 emails to 2,500 contacts per month.

However its paid plan starts at $10/month for unlimited emails to 500 contacts.


The autoresponder functionality is fairly limited in Mad Mimi, you can only create autoresponders based on when people sign up to your mailing list.


Mailjet is a web-based, real time e-mail solution that ensures intended for companies that send marketing and other important e-mails to their customers. Mailjet also includes automatic follow up for transaction.

It offers you a free version which is good if you have small company and it gives flexible pricing packages for selecting a suite that best suits your requirements. Another cool feature Mailjet has that it includes an API for easy customization and integration with your website.

Mailjet also comes with the free plan for sending up to 6,000 email per month.

And its paid plan start from $7.49/month for sending up to 30,000 emails.


Mailjet does not come with social media integration that supports collaboration with customers. It also does not have a scheduling feature that lets you create your e-mail in advance then send on the date specified. Moreover it does not have a collaboration tool that would let users communicate with each other or work together with regards to their e-mail campaigns or transactions.


If you do not want to invest your money in any of the software then you can use their free versions, However if want to go unlimited then of course Mautic will be your choice which is little bit harder to use as compared to other software’s, but if you spend a little bit of time playing around with the tools it will come handy.

In my opinion if you have a small business or you are just starting out your business, then try out free version of each software mentioned above and when you have enough money to invest or you have enough subscribers and you feel that you should use the paid version then go ahead.

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