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Top 5 most trusted email marketing service providers


There are plenty of email marketing service providers on the internet claiming to be the best—-

Are you looking for the real best email marketing service providers?

Hard to choose the best one or suitable one for your small business?—

Well we are here to make it easy for you to make your decision right—–

We are going to give you the best review of top most email marketing service providers.

Let’s get the ball rolling—-


    Mailchimp is one of the most widely used email marketing service provider. It’s the most popular among people on         social media websites like facebook and twitter. It means one thing that they have an awesome support     system.Mailchimp integration with wordpress, majento and many other tools like this is down to earth.


  1. Amazingly easy email creator
  2. Merge tags
  3. Auto-responders
  4. Contact group segmenting
  5. Simple tracking
  6. Fancy analytics
  7. Wide range of support through emails, social media, chat system and variety of free tutorials and blogs.

    Prices and packages

Free plan

12,000 emails for 2,000 subscribers each month for unlimited time

Paid plan

Starts at $10/month with unlimited emails for 500 subscribers so on and so forth.

2.Campaign monitor

Complain monitor is our 2nd best most popular email marketing service provider. It comes with almost everything what one needs for email marketing and much more than that—–

They have a beautiful drag and drop email builder.

You can make your email extra ordinary and beautiful by using their professionally designed templates, Drag and drop is one of the coolest features they offer and it’s simple and easy to customize the themes to unlimited extent.

It also helps you segmenting your emails for the target subscribers with a simple drag and drop tool. It provides you rich customer data by which you can personalize your emails for the specific tasks and products for the specific subscribers.


Campaign monitor contains all the features that an email marketing service provider would; some of the features are given below——

  1. Drag-and-drop
  2. Features to send emails from your own app via API
  3. Contact customization
  4. Email customization
  5. Auto-responder
  6. Professional customizable themes


1. No free plans

2. Starts from $9/month with 2,500 emails for 500 subscribers


3.Constant Contact

One of the best features that CONSTANT CONTACT has is Image library and file hosting, yes—!

You can upload and save your files up to 1GB and it also gives you image gallery containing a large collection of images that you can use in your email templates.

Constant contact is now growing rapidly and getting lots attention from business market.

If we talk about small business then CONSTANT CONTACT is surely the winner among all the other email marketing service providers.


  1. Most easy to use
  2. Email list management is easy
  3. Multi platform support
  4. Online training and seminars
  5. Image library
  6. 1GB storage for your own files
  7. Easy tracking and reporting
  8. Built-in social media tools
  9. Vast library of resource












Free plan

60 days free trail with unlimited emails for 100 subscribers/contacts

Paid plan

Paid plan starts at $20/month with unlimited emails for 500 contacts—


iContact is another popular email marketing service provider ,it comes with easy to use interface with lots of features , moreover it is the most powerful email marketing solution and probably the expensive one although you can enjoy free trail with no credit card requirement.


  1. Multi email builders
  2. Free trial available for limited contacts
  3. No reply facility
  4. Unsubscribe list
  5. Power social media integration
  6. Survey tools

One Extra feature with comparison to other email marketing solutions

  1. Beautiful and customizable professionally designed themes


    Free plan

    Free trail available for 30 days

    Paid Plan

    Paid plan start at $14/month but if you buy yearly subscription then it will be $11.90/month.


Getresponse claims to be the world’s most easiest email marketing solution, However facts are pretty much close to what they claim to, it is extremely easy to use and a heaven for the beginner in email marketing prospective—

It comes with some amazingly useful tools that help you to create automated campaigns————

It is best suited for small businesses and for those who are absolute beginners——


  1. Responsive email templates
  2. Amazing autoresponders
  3. Split testing
  4. Social media tools
  5. Blog to email facility
  6. Segmentation tools
  7. Landings pages
  8. Webinars
  9. Analytics
  10. Webforms.


Free plan

30 days trail up to 100 subscribers—-

Paid plan

Starts at $15/month with unlimited emails for 1,000 subscribers——–

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