Top 13 of the best email marketing campaign examples


Do you want a dramatic grow in your online business?

Do you have a website and you want your visitors or customers engaged?

If yes, then you are on the right place.

Have you ever heard about email marketing?

Do you think email marketing works?

Do you know how to do email marketing?

If no is your answer to any of these question then we are here to help.

Before going further, we want to tell you that email marketing is one of coolest and most effective method to grow your online business effortlessly and amazingly,


You have to do it Right….

We are going to demonstrate how to do Email marketing by giving 13 of the most successful examples.

The websites we are going to mention below are the top most viral websites in their field. So, Before wasting the time let’s get the ball rolling.


Use transactional emails to provide the bonus offer

Billings and receipts shouldn’t be text only, use them as an opportunity to attract the customers.

Give them some extras such as referral offers, ask them for surveys and announce the discount on their next purchase and share some relative products and give discounts.

The great thing about transactional emails is that they are always likely to be opened, so UBER doesn’t even want to miss the chance. They provide a referral to their customer and some more offers so that if he shares it to the friends and friends come on UBER, SINUP or even use the facilities then he gets the commission out of it. What a way…..

Sharing Relative products according to the last purchase

When a customer purchases a product not only he is buying something from you but he is also giving some information about his interests and the best way to cash that information is share some more relative products or simply ask them to share their further interests about the products.

UDEMY does a brilliant job here, they not only provide some of the relative courses but they also give discounts on those courses and they share the coupon codes as well. Impressive

I can understand why UDEMY is one of best online premium education website.

Update about the latest

This method is not so simple but looking at how does it, makes it easy to understand. What we learn from here is that we need to allow users, setting their interests and then whenever something new according to their interests come in the market, they will updated about that, that’s an amazing trick to get your customer’s attention because people want to know what’s new in the market, But you have to be very careful sharing them only what they are interested in, otherwise they will not take it as useful. does the same but as it’s a career website so they provide necessary information about upcoming jobs according to what job seekers have selected in the job selection menu.

Weekly newsletter

Weekly newsletter is an attractive approach to get the customer’s attention but it should not be meaningless. For example if you only write about what’s new for them, they are going to ignore it more likely. You need to make it interactive by categorizing your information and ask them to choose one those for more personalization in the future. uses this method very effectively, they categorize their articles into segments and each time recipient clicks on an article he likes, he will receive more content like that in the future. Moreover they use eye catching imagery to build an emotional connection between their content and their readership.


Deep dive into locations

Yelp gives me a great feelings and I almost always open their emails because they are connected to my location. They provide me all the information about the restaurants around my location, not only this they provide me information based on my recent activity and taste. Pretty awesome

What you can do with this method is doing research about your customer’s nearby places and always offer them lower price than their local market and also show them a brief comparison.


Talk less say more

The weekly subscriber email from Thumbr is a lesson on “Talk less, speak more”.

Imagery is their strong focus, images do the talking and there is so less need of text in there.

People like to read but if they get something out of their interest they don’t want to read it, they will only click on the email or maybe further read the headings and then they will close it, that’s it.

But if the email doesn’t have so much of the text and it includes some beautiful that tells them a story will definitely get their attention and that is what we want from them. Don’t we?

Make your email look personal and dramatic

Quora Emails are just like box of chocolates, you never know what’s in there until you open it up.

They make their emails so personal that it gives you a feeling as they are talking to you personally. They title their emails with interesting questions and they make it psychologically attractive so that everyone would like to open it up and read it.

You can fill your emails with interesting headings and eye catching images, try to make your emails like wonder world because people these days are more attracted to curiosity than of quality.


Give a big Reason to Subscribe

People are either too lazy or too busy to subscribe the websites they don’t use very often, so to get their attention you need to give them a reason to subscribe and stay on your website for longer. You can give your subscribers monthly discounts or anything you want to offer them.

DeathStock sends a monthly newsletter email featuring their monthly photo pack, People always look for something free so getting a free photo pack every month is a big deal for bloggers ,designers and photographers.


Provide multiple free trails

Some website owners offer free trails to their users and this method will help them a lot. Simply divide your trail into chunks say if you want to offer them a monthly trail what you have to do is just giving them weekly trail and when that trail is expired ask them to extend that trail for one more week. However also give them a reason why do you want them to extend the trail and also give some useful information about your website.

SquareSpace does the same to get user’s attention every week.


Make a walkthrough for your website

Make sure your website is easy to use because this is the most important thing if you want traffic to your website. Make a walkthrough for your website and send it as an email when users subscribe to it. It can be a video email, or just a mail based on screenshots of your website.

Upwork wants their new users to get started with an email that has a complete explanation about how to use Upwork and how to bid on new projects and doing all that necessary stuff.


Mention your inactive users

If users had been inactive thus far, this email gives them an extra push to be more active and to be more appreciated by the website. Congratulate the users that they have been mentioned and insure them that the help is there.


Compare the difference

Compare the difference before and after they joined your website and tell them how lucky they are to join you and what benefits they are getting from you.

Note:You have to do quality work and inspire them by your work and offers, otherwise this will be considered a show off.

Grammarly users are sent this milestone email that lets them know how their writing is improving.

We got this idea from the latest and well-known software “Grammarly”, they sent milestones to their users to let them compare how their writing iproved during the time after using grammarly and they compare their writing before and after joining grammarly and how grammarly helped them improving their writing skills , this method is unique and very effective at the same time—–

Grammarly also sends their users some writing tips and a video tour to watch and learn how to use grammarly and it encourages their users time by time—-

13.I love ugly

Give them reminders

Users like to add products in the shopping cart if they forget to buy those products you need to send them a short reminder email that contains all the information about the products they like.

I got this idea from a famous New Zeeland based website named ” I love ugly”, this method works because sometimes users really forget to buy products after adding them in the shopping cart, reminder emails in that case give them a boast to buy the products they have already liked.

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