How to make subscribers open and forward your newsletter?


We work really hard on growing our email lists, some also buy them and when we start sending emails to our mailing lists, we face another problem which is even bigger than growing emails lists and that is “emails are not being opened or not being forwarded”, no matter how big our mailing lists are they don’t worth it until they get opened and forwarded—-

We always focus on core problems that small business owners face when they start their journey and this is also one of the major problem being faced by beginners and even established business owners, we can’t overlook this problem knowing how critical and frustrating it is when we spend a lot of time creating and sending emails but we don’t get enough response—–

We have been trough lots of researches and come to a small conclusion that people get lots emails in a day but they hardly open some of them, normally those are on top and attractive enough to get their attention have maximum chances to be opened—-

So we are going to share some easy to follow tips that will help you resolving this problem……

1.Send triggered emails

Triggered emails are the emails which are sent to the specific users, on specific time, for specific location and about specific topic using automatation tools which are provided by email marketing softwares……

Note: if you want to know more about email marketing softwares then click here.

Promotional content is always likely to be ignored because people don’t want to mess with irrelevant content, they always look for something relevant and it’s our job to make our emails feel relevant to them by the time they see them—-

A subscriber will find our email relevant if it is based on his recent activity and he will happily share this to his friends as an important news—-

If you have small email list or even if you just started you don’t need to worry about getting email lists, they will come automatically if you concentrate on sending relevant emails, Instead it’s easy for the beginners to manage if the list is short—-

2.Update your signup/ personalize the content

Make your subscribers enjoy reading by personalizing your emails and when I say personalize it doesn’t mean just to say their name, try something different —–

One of the method is updating your signup form and add couple of more select based options and let them choose their criteria, that will let you know what they are expecting from you —-

Note: don’t over complicate your signup form, keep it simple and just add couple of options about their buying frequency.

You should also send them some research based newsletters containing beautiful album of their criteria and buying frequency and ask them to further personalize it —-

Remember: The more you know about your subscriber the more it will be easier to personalize.

You should be aware about the following as well

What time they normally login to their computer?

What is their location?

What is their buying frequency blab la —-?

3.Create compelling content

Compelling content emails are naturally more likely to be opened and more shareable such as events, news and content that is helpful in several cases—-

For example I create an email about “Tips to select quality and best suited product?” it is going to be opened by majority of the people because they are definitely looking for how to select quality products that are best suited for them and they also love to share helpful content to their friends.

Events is another effective email approach to attract the subscribers and when people go for the events they always ask their friend to accompany them—–

Last but not least email approach is sharing news contents which share useful information with the subscribers—- for example news about your upcoming webinar, latest on sale offer, contests or free shipping would definitely gain subscribers attention and they would love to share it to the friends….

4.Mobile optimized

Make your emails mobile optimized to gain attention from 68% people, yes 68%people use their mobiles to open up the emails and if your emails are not mobile optimized you are missing 68% subscribers attention —- that’s lot right?—–

Another interesting survey about mobile users is that they check their emails on mobiles more often than that of computers, they normally check their emails on phone 4 times a day or maybe more than that—-

So in case you never want to miss this grand chance of getting your email accessed by the users then make your emails mobile optimized….

5.Social media share CTA

The best way of asking the subscribers to share our email is to ask them sharing it on social media, which is easy and widely used all over the world—-

For that simply add some social media CTA like facebook, twitter, instragram and bunch of others like g+ etc—-

Make sure your call to action is very clearly visible so that subscribers can easily see that, I saw some emails using very small and hardly visible CTA and that is bad approach and won’t be able to get subscriber’s attention——


This guideline is great and it will help you grow your email lists as well because when subscribers share your campaigns that tells others they trust you and the result comes good—-

You should try your best to make your emails sound non promotional because the less promotional your emails are the higher chance they have to be shared.

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