How to get targeted mailing lists?


     We have been hearing about how much important email lists are, but something is more important and that is email lists should only consist of people who are active and most importantly interested in what you offer or what you are promoting—-

Having lots of email lists consist of people having no concern about what you do or what you offer is useless and waste of time and money—-

But to build a list we need email addresses and where to get those email addresses is kind of mystery to newbie, so what do to in that case?

Well we have a solution for that, have a look at
7 most effective ways to grow your email list?

Hope you are done reading about how to grow email lists and once you have email lists that contain a handsome amount of emails you need to make sure you have real customers and we are going to share some tips about that—-

   1.No short cuts

     People prefer buying email lists from different survey companies and use software to gain lots of emails because they don’t really work hard on getting real email lists, but this is such a terrible idea because it will cost you lot more extra efforts instead.

  2.Don’t hesitate trying new methods

    Trying new methods is a great idea and you shouldn’t be shy about that, it will give you enough understanding about how things work and with the passage of time you will get some methods that will really work for you—-

  3.Don’t follow others blindly

     People see others getting so much success in their field and they think if they copy their methods they will attain success as those people did, but it doesn’t really work this way just like every person has his own journey every method has its own journey as well…

   You don’t know how much efforts they ahs to put and how much they struggle while bringing themselves to this level—-so don’t copy others and start your own journey—-

  4.Rely on quality more than quantity

        Rely on quality offers if you don’t have a useful offer for the subscribers don’t push it, sending emails everyday without useful content can cost you losing quality subscribers—

       So concentrate on quality emails other than sending bunch useless marketing emails….

   5.Use automation tools to lessen your efforts

     Working like a robot in spite of having auto responders is useless because if you have the tool to make the job done why not using them —-

     Automation tools give you lots of email marketing facilities including autoreponder and bulk email facilities as well, below given the links about list of those softwares—-

      Top 5 most trusted email marketing service providers

      Top 6 Email Marketing Software’s for Small Business

    6.Tracking your subscribers

Before working hard on getting new lists you should work on your old lists, track your subscribers and see if they are active?….are they giving response your campaigns?, —-you can do this by using email marketing service providers… Checkout top 5 most trusted email marketing service providers

Also have look at Top 6 Email Marketing Software’s for Small Business if you have a small business.

These softwares have everything that you will need for email marketing and you can track your subscribers using one of these softwares…..

Tracking is important because it gives you sense of discrimination and it helps you building useful lists in the future.

  7.Categorize the subscribers

Categorize your users by their performance


This category will have active users, those who always respond to your campaigns


This category will contains those who are slow but they sometime response to your campaigns.


This category is critical and they don’t bother to response your campaigns.

  8.Refine the subscribers

After categorizing now is the time to refine them, delete the category3 immediately and blacklist category2 for the future and don’t stop sending them your campaigns, wait for some weeks and see if they have become active, if not then delete them too, you only need the most active subscribers.

Category1 is to keep and these kinds of subscribers will get you something—-

  9.Analyze your campaigns

After refining your subscribers your campaigns should be analyzed as well—-

See the graph of your campaigns and analyze them carefully, those campaigns having responses are the most effective for your business and you need to keep this style alive in your campaigns….

Some campaigns will have slow response this might be because of the wrong timing or maybe they are not good enough, and there must be some campaigns not getting enough response these should be dropped and never be used in the future…

 10.Notice the timing

See the timing and analyze top most responded campaigns, analyze their time and see some other campaigns you sent at that time, analyze everything carefully and see what is the best time of sending emails to the subscribers …..Always try to send your emails when they likely to get best response——

    Want to grow your email lists?—-have a look at
    7 most effective ways to grow your email list?

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