how to do B2B email marketing

How to do B2B email marketing?


    Before getting start with B2B email marketing we need to understand the core concepts of B2B , B2B relationship is very different from B2C, B2C  relationship  where all you need to do is thinking about how to convince your customers to buy your products ,but  B2B relationship is based on logic and it requires in-depth understanding of why would other party purchase from you, and also knowing the needs of their business—–

Now that you know what b2b relationship actually is let’s talk about how email marketing will help grow you business quickly and effectively, Email marketing is perhaps the best solution for all kinds of businesses so for B2B …..I’m going to tell you how—

B2B email marketing helps you engage with other parties that brings you more and more leads and more leads give you larger conversion that ultimately helps you earn more money, if you are not using B2B email marketing for your business then start it today——

Now is the time to share some effective and tested strategies with you ————

1.Choose your marketing platform

Before moving on to choose an email marketing platform you should know what email marketing platform really is, An email marketing service provider/email marketing platform is a service that helps you manage your emails, it comes with lots of tools including bulk email tool, auto responder, newsletter templates and it comes with lot more facilities that will take your email marketing to the next level—

Choosing the right marketing platform for your b2b email marketing is not so easy, as you will have to pay for these platform so it’s really important to choose the right one that meets your business requirements because if the email marketing service provider doesn’t give you all what you need then it’s useless to have that—-

Have a look at Top 5 most trusted email marketing service providers, the best thing in all 5 email marketing service providers is that they come with free trail that will be enough to walk through, learn, understand and decide if that service provider is worth buying or not———–

2.Building targeted email lists

Building email lists is very basic requirement of b2b email marketing as it allows you send emails to the several people on single click and it’s important because email service provider will not come handy if you don’t have enough email lists—-

There are several ways you can grow your email lists or build email lists from scratch, one of the method is buying targeted lists from email list providers but it normally needs quite a lot efforts because 40% of the list they provide are either spam or not useful for your business—-

Have a look at 7 Most Effective and easy ways to grow your email list

Now that you understand what is email list and why building email lists are important now it’s time to get targeted ——

Why targeted email lists?

Having targeted email lists is very important because that will help you collect you only those customers who are active and loyal to you—-

Read more about How to get targeted mailing lists?—-


Segmentation is an example of genius man that helps you refine your emails according to the clients performances, the active users are likely to be in and passive users are going to be kicked off and that’s how it works.

It also helps you send personalized emails to the specific people according the their niche and state of user and interaction with the website—

Your company will have different announcements about on sale offers, shipping, discounts for clients from different countries, states and cities, segmentation helps you do it real quick and easily—-

For example you are offering free shipping to the people of US so you will only want to send the emails to the people of US or if you are offering huge discounts on Bata shoes and you only want to send it to those who like Bata shoes in both cases you can’t make it possible without segmentation—

4.Use automation tools

Automation tools make your job done when you are sleeping….really? —–

Yes man it does, what you need to do is set your timing and type down the email for specific users and it will automatically send it to them on exact timing—-

Most effective automation tool is auto responder and you can set it for specific event or action from the user,, For example if someone subscribes to your mailing list he will get a confirmation email from you instantly and will be done by auto responder—-

5.Making favorite lists

You have your targeted lists and you are sending them mails time by time and need by need,

Track your clients by mailing having a closer look at analytics and separate them according to their performances, make a final list consists of people who are active and interested in your business—

This list is very important and should be treated special and should get something consistently and that can be anything they are interested, they are surely going to share your kindness to other people and that’s it objective achieved—-


Putting everything together I would like to say if you think about giving to the people, people are going to pay you back in a huge amount that’s how the world responds to us and this is proved by history —-

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