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How to do affiliate email marketing part1?


Do you want to make passive income online?—-

There are several ways of making passive income online but we prefer affiliate marketing because it’s effective long term and easy—-

This article is not an overview of what to do? And how to do?, but a course to learn or you can consider this as a mini-book and by the end of this course you will be able to learn the actual practices that will help you establish an online career through affiliate email marketing—-

Affiliate email marketing is one of the popular and most discussed topic when it comes to earning passive income online, so crack your fingers and let’s get started—-

(A). Select the suitable marketing platform

There are so many affiliate marketing platforms online where you can sign yourself up and start earning money —but let’s talk about what affiliate marketing platform is and why would someone earn money from that?—

Affiliate marketing platforms are actually made for three sorts of people which are sellers, buyers and marketers—Sellers publish their products on marketing platforms and marketers market their products to the buyers and this is how it works—–

Platform takes a preset commission when a product get sold and if that sale is made through a marketer then that marketer also gets the commission—-simple as that

Well there is no good or bad affiliate marketing platform but we categorized some of the best affiliate marketing platforms and especially those who you can trust on—-


Almost everybody knows Amazon and why not because it’s one of the best sales market platform, the best thing in Amazon is that you can find almost everything you want to market for—- and the plus is, it’s trust worthy —

If you want to market the digital products then Clickbank is going to be your best choice and honestly this is the most recommended platform from us because digital products like eBooks and online courses about almost everything —including how to earn money online—-yes this is true—-

Rakuten and reason why it’s recommended because it gives you prebuilt html links that do everything thing for you and you don’t really need to modify the content or anything because those links are just awesome—-

(B). Choosing your niche

After selecting your marketing platform choosing a niche is most important, before going any further just sit back and decide your niche and don’t even build you mailing lists before that—-

You can’t market about everything because that makes you unprofessional and less trust worthy, so select you niche first —-

Your niche could be anything from health and fitness to house hold things and gaming but we recommend choosing in demand niche like “health and fitness” which is really popular these days and people are crazy about getting ripped—–

(C). Getting your targeted mailing lists

Hopefully you have already decided your niche and you are ready to do affiliate email marketing—- well just because it’s affiliate email marketing and email marketing doesn’t work without mailing lists which should be targeted as well—-

In your mailing lists, you only need those people who are interested in your niche and make sure they are really excited about the products you are going to market in future—-

Honestly building the targeted mailing lists is not easy and needs lots of efforts, consistency and hard work, but we can help you out to make it easier for you—-

Just follow the following steps—
         1.Create new website

To get targeted mailing lists you will need a website, because website will give you a platform where you can attract people and interact with them and build your trust—

To build a website you will need a domain name and a web host, you could go completely free by joining the websites like and where you can build your website and publish it using their free web host service—-or you can build a website yourself or higher a developer for that and buy a domain name and a web host—–

If you are a complete beginner we suggest not messing with paid method and go free by joining one of the free webhost service— is one of our favorite—–
        2.Join facebook community groups

To make your website work you need a lot of traffic and facebook is one of the most powerful and effective community where you can meet several people, express your feelings and share your web posts to get people’s attention—-

All you need to do is joining pre-existed communities according to your niche, go explore facebook and join as much communities as you can but you shouldn’t enforce your posts to non relevant communities that won’t really help you and it’s also bad manners—–
        3.Offer free content

After joining facebook communities, you need to have lots of lot free content to offer which should really help people who visit your website—–

Give lot of free video tutorials and free eBooks according to your niche, people should get good feelings when they join your website—-

You can upload your video courses on youtube and leave links about those courses on your website—–

Write at least 20 blogs before sharing something on facebook communities, It will give good feelings to the people there on facebook that you are passionate and consistent about what you are doing—
        4.Leave a Subscribe us form

You are all set to get your mailing lists, and now is the time to add a tool that can ask people to subscribe your mailing list and which is Subscribe form—-

It should ask for some basic information like name and email address, and that’s it—- Don’t overcomplicate the process by asking too many information—

(D). Sending Bulk emails

You have your targeted mailing lists ready and want to send bulk emails?, wait a second—- with Gmail?….no you can’t, you literally can’t—-

Email services like yahoo and gmail care a lot about their users and if you send emails to the multiple people above the limit, they are surely going to be spanned or even blocked—–

You need to use external softwares to make it work, , Because those make sure about the receiver’s privacy and send them emails one by one without sharing their information to others—-

There are plenty of softwares out there on internet giving you all you need about email marketing—–

Top 5 most trusted email marketing service providers

Top 6 Email Marketing Software’s for Small Business

But if sending bulk emails is your only concern then using chrome extension named “Gmass” will come handy for you—-

(E). Send catchy content and Subject lines

You know how to send bulk emails but what you don’t know is how to make them appealing so that they get opened, well the first thing you need to do is working on your subject lines—-

Subject lines should consist of appealing and thrilling content and most importantly, very short—-

Some of the good examples are given below—-

  1. Addicted to porn because of ripped girls? This will help your wife—
  2. Tired of trying to make money online?—READ THIS
  3. Why would you spend money to earn money?

After getting enough attention to get email opened you need to make your content so attractive and real in a way that people would love to have that product or course or whatever it is—–

Some of the similar examples are given below—

  1. Who doesn’t want a hot fully ripped girl in his house , this is surely going to help your girl out to become ripped in a month or two—-
  2. Thousands of people quit their jobs after finding this online earning course—
  3. $300 can make you earn $12000 a month, money back guarantee—

(F). Start from free product

Convincing someone buying your products is hard that’s why companies prefer experienced marketers to do this job; otherwise they could hire anyone who is interested in doing marketing—-

To convince people first you need to buildup your reputation and trust in their mind, although you have already buildup enough reputation by posting on your website and other platforms but you have just started email marketing and your subscribers are getting first email from you so if you start marketing products right from the beginning then there are high chances that they won’t buy from you—-

Start from offering free products there are plenty of free products out there on web such as free eBooks and video courses, We recommend doing lots of re-searches and creating your own content that you can sell for free—-

(G). Retarget you mailing lists

While sending emails to your subscribers chances are some of them or many of them will block your emails depends on type of people and their email service setup, what you need to do is collecting emails for only those who are receiving your emails and you can do this using a piece of software called “Email exporter”, Email exporter is a chrome extension that helps you collecting emails from your emails lists—-follow the steps to do so—

  1. Install the chrome extension
  2. Open up sent emails
  3. Click the arrow beside check box on the top of you emails
  4. Select “read”
  5. Click the chrome extension(it will collect all the emails)
  6. Select and copy the emails for late use—

Coming soon——–

How to do affiliate email marketing part 2

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