7 Most Effective and easy ways to grow your email list


I’ve read lots of articles about how to grow your email lists and almost every article is repetitive, they are saying the same thing with different labels. Most of the methods are either impossible or hard for newbie’s to follow.

Most of the articles are based on the information that is not practical at all, they are not misleading but they are not leading the readers properly either.

We are going to give you most effective and easy to follow methods and they are not too many, because we want our readers to get useful information without wasting their time.

So let’s get started with our first method.

1. Adding newsletter Subscribe Option

Adding newsletter subscribe option to your website is most attractive thing to get subscribers, but it should be eye-catching and most importantly easy to subscribe.

You can simply add a dialogue box on your website to ask the visitors subscribing your newsletter or if you want to be more effective and fancy then you can add a lightbox on your landing page.

Making almost impossible to ignore

The good thing in lightbox is that it can overlay the whole webpage hiding all the content to get the reader’s attention, however it has the “close” button as well so if the reader wants to continue without subscribing your newsletter, he can close the lightbox and continue reading because your job is to get the attention not to stop them reading ….right?…..

Important Note:

When a visitor subscribes your newsletter, he then becomes your subscriber and you should have the functionality to add that user into your mailing list.

2. Free Webinars

The 2nd effective method of growing your mailing list is hosting free webinars about your business or products,

Tell them everything about your business, teach them about how to use your website and educate them about payment methods. Update them about the latest products you are producing and what your upcoming projects are, or what are the upcoming benefits, you are going to announce.

Offer exclusive subscriber discount during your webinar so that visitors will have a reason to subscribe your mailing list.

You can announce something free in that webinar and leave a link in the description, ask their email information while accessing the free offer.

Also you can offer a free download of your webinar and do the same process to get their email address.

3. Using social media

Adding social media links to your newsletter is effective, but something is more effective than that——

Offer free e-books, video courses, and high discount offers, free trails for limited time (without credit card information) on your social media pages and simply ask the visitor to subscribe the email list before they have an access to the free offer.

Note: Never ask for the credit card information if you are giving something free because nobody wants to do that until they have a big trust on you and right now you are just in the process of building trust.

4. Regularly send them useful content

Sending them regular content that is useful for them can build a big trust and people love to share something useful to their circle of friends on any media. So that way you will be able to get maximum connections and your mailing list will start growing.

Note: Must add subscription condition whenever you share something as free because if your subscribers share it to their friends they should first subscribe to get access to those files.

5. Run a contest

Offer something very interesting and run a contest, ask the subscribers to share this to their friends to get the reward.

People like to get things free and they would love to share the contest to their friends.

This will bring lots of subscribers to your email list and you can further offer them something interesting to engage them, sending useful content regularly will attract their attention.

Note: being consistent is the key; people trust those who are consistent in their work.

6. Give ‘non credit card’ free trails

I’ve seen lots of websites asking credit card details on signup, that makes a user almost impossible to signup, although big websites are doing this but they have got enough respect and now people trust them.

You are giving a free trail just because you want the users to try your product and see how cool you are, if you ask them for credit card they are more likely to leave no matter how cool your website is or whatever you offer. So stop asking for the credit and give them free access to figure out if you are valuable or not and if they are real users they will must buy your product in case they like it.

Note: Make your signup as simple and quick as you can, that will give the visitors good feelings.

7. Facebook advertisement

You can advertise on facebook to get maximum attention, Facebook provides several ways of advertisements and you can benefit from that.

According to 2017 survey reports, average of 1.32 billion people are using Facebook daily, people on facebook are more engaged than other platforms and they using facebook for hours, posting and sharing other’s posts .

Facebook is offering multiple tools recently including instant articles and business plans, several companies prefer running their ads on facebook because of its widely usage and user’s engagement—-

Note: Best way to get subscribers from facebook advertising is giving them something free and useful.

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